November 29, 2023

7 Best Websites For Earning Money Online in 2023

According to Forbes, millennials and Gen Z are more drawn toward having a perfect work-life balance than previous generations. 

More and more of the young generation gravitate towards becoming entrepreneurs, freelancers, or contractors. 

As we escape the burdensome 9 to 5, preparing for a soft landing with meaningful resources is essential. In this guide, we provide the top 7 websites for earning money online. They will help you cushion your transition from your 9 to 5 job.

Top 7 Websites To Make Money Online

Finding an online job is somewhat challenging in this day and age. With so many websites acting as job boards, you can get overwhelmed selecting the right one. Below, we have listed the top 7 job boards to make money online regularly. 


It’s an excellent website for freelancers to earn extra cash, especially in digital animation or SEO services. With an ideal profile, you can easily make $3,000 a month. 

All you need to do is ensure that your profile and work description is catchy and well-written. You should also maintain a high response rate. 

Con: The entire website concept is based on completing a task for $5. Therefore, landing a job immediately may be slightly challenging if you quote more. 

Pro Tip: After fine-tuning your profile, landing jobs will be like drinking water.


This website provides a platform for freelancers and businesses to collaborate. There is a wide range of jobs, such as writing, web design, coding, and so forth. 

Con: Upwork does not hesitate to take your cut. Be prepared to provide a commission of 30%. 

Pro Tip: Compose a winning proposal for each client. Do not generalize. 

3. Amazon Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest-growing ways to make money online. If you are a content creator, publisher, or blogger, you can easily monetize your traffic by joining the Amazon Associates Program. All you need to do is utilize link-building tools to direct your audience to the recommendations. 

Con: It’s not a Ponzi scheme. You will not get rich quickly. However, top earners make up to $55,434 each year.

Pro Tip: Write high-ranking, exciting blog posts to get more traffic to your website. 


4. Google AdSense

Image Courtesy Of Pexels

You can make money on Google AdSense by creating a space for an ad. There are different displays available in the AdSense account that can help you determine the best one for your site. 

But like Forbes, I will advise you not to leave any space to chance. The highest paying ad will appear on your site, and you will earn in real time.

Con: You can earn as little as $0.20 per click, sometimes nothing if your viewers don’t click.

Pro Tip: Always produce high-quality content that will attract businesses and CTAs to direct the consumers. 


5. YouTube

Creating a YouTube channel is quite the walk in the park. What we mostly miss out on is that your face does not have to be in the videos. Let’s slow down on the ‘alot of guys have been asking’ mantra.

Aside from that, you can make money from the platform in different ways. You can rely on advertising revenue, super thanks, premium revenue, super chat, stickers, or channel membership. I have covered an entire article on this here. 

Con: Just like any other business, it will take time, commitment, and a lot of ‘hey guys.’

Pro Tip: Leverage all your social media accounts and always provide value money will stream in.


6. Udemy

Online education has become the new norm. No one wants to sit in class for hours to learn a skill they can grasp in a few minutes. This is why Udemy is one of the best platforms to learn and make money. Simply consider your skill set and outline your course on the forum. You should go the extra mile and promote your course on the platform. 

Con: They are very picky!

Pro Tip: Provide high-quality scripted videos


7. Facebook

You no longer have to scroll through funny videos for free. You can make money on Facebook by creating videos with in-stream ads, adding a paid subscription to your page, or collaborating with brands. If you have quite the following, don’t hesitate to run paid events online. 

Con: It can take a long time to garner the desired engagement.

Pro Tip: It takes work; consistency will help you break even. You should also avoid overcharging the subscription. 

Start Earning Online Today

Earning money online is quite direct; the most important thing is getting on the right platform. These top seven websites are excellent at securing any remote working opportunities. You can use them to earn an extra income or fully transition to digital nomadism. 

Digital Nomads Kenya is a resource to help you make remote income, create a location-independent lifestyle, and achieve more freedom. 

You’ll find insights and resources from Kenyan nomads already on the road while inspiring those considering a long-term nomadic lifestyle. We would like it to be a resource to help people get unstuck, avoid getting duped, and achieve the perfect work-life balance. 

What can you expect from us? Tips and tricks to hack remote working, insight on earning remote working, and new information on the best destinations, co-working spaces, and accommodations around Kenya.


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