November 29, 2023

Have you ever considered staying with your friends for about a week? 

Just like us, if you compile the amount of time you’ve slept over at a friends, you’ll realize you probably don’t spend that much time at home. 

And what if we told you you could be making money while you are away from home?

Imagine letting your house pay your traveling fees?

This is why you need to become an airbnb super host!

Becoming an Airbnb super host has become a popular option for people to supplement their income and earn passive money.

What is an Airbnb Super host?

Airbnb super hosts are the select few who provide a world-class hosting experience that goes above and beyond expectations. 

To qualify, you must maintain a consistently high guest review rating, offer quick response times, have hosted at least ten stays in the past year, and follow all Airbnb rental policies. 

The extra effort put forth by superhosts is rewarded with special privileges set aside, such as increased exposure on search result pages and access to exclusive discounts and promotions. 

These experienced hosts provide a comfortable stay and an added level of hospitality, making them stand out from traditional lodging options. 

Airbnb Super Host Benefits

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Whether it’s providing detailed local recommendations, going the extra mile to ensure the listing is in pristine condition, or any other perks that go with being an Airbnb super host, the benefits extend beyond just financial gain.

Being part of this exclusive crowd opens up opportunities for discounts on vacation rentals and other exclusive privileges that you can’t always get from private accommodations.

It’s no surprise that becoming an Airbnb super host is something many dedicated travelers strive for! Find out some of the benefits of becoming an Airbnb super host below:

1. Increased Earnings

By taking on the challenge and being an exemplary hosts, super hosts can access perks that make their experience more enjoyable and receive higher income for reviews and referrals.

Guests can book confidently, knowing that super hosts hold themselves to a higher standard than the typical Airbnb host.

With the enhanced potential for profits and an improved hosting experience overall, increased earnings are undoubtedly one of the main draws when becoming a superhost.

2. Improved Listing Visibility

Your listing will be promoted more frequently to potential guests through direct searches and exclusive marketing emails from Airbnb. It automatically boosts your success rate – you don’t need special knowledge or skills to get noticed more often! 

If you don’t have enough bookings or reviews to become a super host, you can still be part of this exclusive club. You can increase visibility for your listing, such as by pricing your property competitively or taking advantage of the Promoted Listings feature. 

3. Better Payouts From Referrals

Not only does being an Airbnb super host come with numerous other benefits, such as priority customer support, invites to exclusive super host events, and better visibility in search results, but it also offers even better payouts from referrals than regular hosts.

With a super host status, you get a higher percentage of earnings when guests book through your referral link – giving you more reason to spread the word about Airbnb and show off your proud super host status!

4. Build Trust With Guests

Becoming an Airbnb super host is more than just a mark of excellent hosting abilities. As a super host, you’ll benefit from building trust with guests through endorsements and access to premium support.

Endorsements from previous guests assure you’re dedicated to creating incredible experiences for your visitors. At the same time, access to premium support means quicker responses and more helpful advice whenever needed.

From increased bookings to elevated customer service, becoming an Airbnb super host can help make your hosting best-of-the-best.

5. Enjoy Airbnb Perks

As a bonus, you get to enjoy awesome Airbnb Perks, like bonuses and discounts. You can get everything from discounts on product orders, exclusive access to insights and resources that help improve your hosting experience, and even rewards whenever you host. 

10 Simple Tips To Become An Airbnb Super Host: Airbnb Super Host Criteria

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Becoming a super host can be challenging, but with the right know-how, it’s doable!

Implementing some tried and proper strategies can attract more visitors and increase your rating to welcome VIP guests.

From updating your profile with attractive photos to using personalized messages when corresponding with customers, these simple tips will have you soaring toward the top of the rankings in no time.

Don’t be intimidated – hosting is an incredibly gratifying experience that can give you lasting connections with travelers worldwide. Here are ten simple tips to help you become an Airbnb super host:

1. Host At least 10 Guests Each Year

Hosting guests in your home can be an enriching experience. Not only do you get to meet new and exciting people, but if you host at least ten times a year, you’ll have the chance to become an Airbnb superhost!

Enjoy the prestige that comes with this title and stand out from the competition – all while getting more bookings. Plus, you’ll earn various benefits – higher visibility in search results, access to discounts and promotions, private support from Airbnb’s experts, and even free hosting credits! 

2. Avoid Cancellations

The first step towards becoming an Airbnb super host is avoiding cancellations as much as possible.

Canceling has a significant impact on your ranking, as well as negatively impacting potential guests. Not only will they be inconvenienced by suddenly not having lodging, but it can cost them increased prices at other properties.

Savvy travelers understand this and avoid properties with frequent cancellations. It’s a shame if someone takes the time to read reviews and pick out the perfect place for their stay only to cancel it at the last minute. 

3. Aim For A 90% Response Rate

As an Airbnb super host, you want to show guests your commitment to delivering positive experiences by providing excellent communication.

One way to do this is to aim for a 90% response rate – meaning that you respond within 15 minutes of inquiries ninety percent of the time. 

Answering quickly lets your potential guests know their questions are important to you and that you are reliable and professional. A responsible super host ensures their guests have what they need before, during, and after their stay, elevating their Airbnb reputation.

Striving for a 90% response rate ultimately makes it easier to book more stays with fewer headaches and helps experienced hosts expand their business. Aim high; shoot for 90%, climb higher, and become an esteemed super host!

4. Score An Overall Rating of 4.8 or Higher

As an Airbnb super host, I strive to provide top-notch hospitality and a welcoming atmosphere. To achieve this goal, I aim to create a unique experience that meets the needs of each guest.

To receive an overall rating of 4.8 or higher, specific criteria need to be met. These include providing exceptional customer service, maintaining cleanliness, responding to guests quickly and professionally on all inquiries, and being knowledgeable about the area for recommendations.

Being a superhost also means being attentive and putting time into ensuring that all guests have an enjoyable stay in my home. 

5. Accuracy Is Key

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To be successful and earn that super host status, accuracy is critical. That means having clear and accurate photos of the space you rent and describing amenities clearly.

Providing potential guests with accurate information about your offer makes it easier for them to determine whether your rental fits their needs.

By making this extra effort to ensure accuracy in your accommodations, you can quickly become an Airbnb super host.

6. Polish Your Communication Skills

By refining your ability to communicate politely and professionally, you can take your Airbnb business to the next level.

It will help you build better relationships with guests, increase their satisfaction during their stay, and simplify problem-solving by allowing the conversation to flow easily and constructively between both parties.

With a little extra effort to improve your communications, you can soon put yourself among the top vendors in the Airbnb world — superhost status awaits!

7. Maintain High Standards Of Cleanliness

Maintaining high standards of cleanliness is paramount to becoming an Airbnb super host. Not only does it set a good impression for potential guests, but it also creates a safe and healthy living environment.

As an experienced Airbnb host, I understand that every detail must be noticed. From ensuring the spotless status of floors, countertops, and bathrooms to regularly changing linens, my goal is to create an inviting home atmosphere for guests.

Every day, I responsibly replenish the supplies necessary to make their stay as comfortable as possible. A clean space brings peace of mind for me and my guests; after all, having peace of mind about their Airbnb experience turns visitors into repeat customers!

8. Be Reasonable When It Comes To Checking in and Checking out

The most important key to achieving this is being reasonable when checking in and out.

Here are some tips:

  • Be accommodating with check-in times
  • Provide guest expectations ahead of time
  • Ensure no hidden fees exist
  • Provide clear communication between both parties
  • Stay organized
  • Look into keyless entry options for automatic check-in.

When you can commit your time to creating a hassle-free experience for your guests, you will become that much closer to becoming an Airbnb super host!

9. Do Not Overvalue

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Becoming a super host means more work and responsibility, managing reviews and feedback from multiple guests, and ensuring your property meets specific quality standards.

On top of this, there are also specific other requirements that must be met to become a super host. Therefore, you shouldn’t overvalue becoming a super host because specific commitments come with it.

Working towards this goal should not be discouraged. Still, the end prize should never eclipse the basics of having professional engagement with guests and working hard to ensure your property is always up to Airbnb’s standards.

10. Maintain a 50% Review Rate

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Living the life of an Airbnb super host can be a rewarding experience. One must maintain a 50% review rate to reach this prestigious level. This encourages your guests to write reviews about their stay and helps travelers get additional information from real people!

Keeping a review rate at or over 50% also shows potential guests that you are reliable and capable of providing a good quality experience. As a bonus, becoming an Airbnb super host can open up access to special promotions and help your listing stand out!

A high review rate will put you one step closer to reaching your goal as an Airbnb super host.

Becoming an Airbnb super host is not just a great way to make extra income – it’s an opportunity to express your hospitality and grow your customer service skills.

CNBC recently reported that Airbnb super hosts hosting more than 140 nights a year could easily average an additional $34,000 annual income. Plus, you get terrific benefits such as trips from Airbnb’s “Experience” and opportunities to give back to the community. 

Research shows that 87% of hosts have made new friends during their hosting experience, proving that becoming a superhost is suitable for your wallet and positively impacts your social life.

All you need to do is keep up with guest reviews and respond promptly – if you can, you should become an Airbnb superhost. This is why platforms like Digital Nomads Kenya are essential in connecting travelers worldwide with Airbnb hosts. Find more tips to help you increase your income as a digital nomad on the site.

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Is being an Airbnb super host worth It?

Being an Airbnb super host is a great way to earn supplemental income by renting out a property or space. It offers flexible scheduling and the freedom to accommodate guests independently.  Ultimately, with hard work and dedication, becoming an Airbnb super host can be well worth it!

Do super hosts get paid more?

The answer is generally yes. Super hosts are experienced hosts who have proven their ability to maintain high guest satisfaction. As a result, they are often given higher ratings and accompanying rewards. 

Can anyone be a host on Airbnb?

Absolutely. Becoming an Airbnb host is a great way to make passive income and engage with the local community. With Airbnb, hosts can easily list their space for rent and quickly start earning money. 

Do Airbnb super hosts stay with you?

Becoming an Airbnb super host is no mean feat – it requires a certain level of attention to detail and customer service that not all hosts can sustain. However, the reward for being a super host is just as great – customers may be more inclined to rent from you, ratings and reviews will feature prominently, and you’ll enjoy enhanced visibility across the site.

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