March 5, 2024

Visiting Taita Taveta County you can never go wrong, no matter the season. However, if you are planning your dream trip, you might want to check a few boxes before booking that plane or train ride. 

The best time to go to Taita Taveta depends on the kind of activities you want to cross off your list. 

Attractions and Activities in Taita Taveta 

  • Lake Chala
  • Lake Jipe
  • Tsavo West Game Park
  • Tsavo East Game Park
  • Vuria Hill
  • Lusenya Camp
  • Wesu Rock
  • Shetani Lava Flow
  • Poachers Lookout
  • Aruba Damn
  • Ngangao Forest
  • Lumo Community Wildlife Conservancy 
  • Salt Lick Game Lodge
  • Mzima Springs
  • Lugard Falls
  • Grogon Castle
  • Ngutuni Wildlife Conservancy 
  • Yatta Plateau

What Is The Best Season To Visit Taita Taveta?

There is one size fits all for the best time to visit Taita Taveta. But if we were to give our recommendation, we advise you to visit Taita Taveta in August.

Why August? 

August is prime time for tourists in Kenya; with all roads leading to Masai Mara, you’ll enjoy the breathing space in Tsavo. On top of that, you’ll get plenty of raspberries on the scene.

Understanding Taita Taveta’s Seasons

Exploring Taita Taveta During The Dry Season


Without a doubt, exploring Taita Taveta during the dry season is the best choice. Dry seasons in Kenya start from July to October and December to March. 

However, due to climate change, the dry season may be longer or shorter. This is why we encourage all our guests to try as much as possible to be eco-conscious. 

During the dry season, you can easily tick off every destination and activity on your bucket list. There are no limits to your Taita Taveta travel trip.

Exploring Taita Taveta During The Wet Season

It’s probably not an ideal time to travel to Taita Taveta, but it’s still worthwhile. The long rainy season in Kenya starts from mid-March to May, whereas the short rainy season runs from November to December. 

If you enjoy incredible vistas, this is the best time to travel to Taita Taveta. You’ll have a delightful time trekking the green trails of the county. There are numerous trails in Taita Taveta; you’ll appreciate the greenery from the peak points of your hike. 

Another significant advantage of traveling to Taita Taveta during the rainy season is you’ll get so many different kinds of fruits. So, if you are a fan of raspberries, mangoes, and guavas, don’t hesitate.

Enjoying Taita Taveta With Fewer Tourists

If you are not a fan of huge crowds, you might want to travel to Taita Taveta when there are fewer tourists. And there’s no better time to travel to Taita than in January. 

It’s the perfect period for visitors looking for a quiet and relaxing time.

You’ll have the easiest time accessing different attractions and activities. You’ll also have a great time satisfying your mango craving.

When Is The Best Month To Visit Taita Taveta?

So when is the best month to visit Taita Taveta? It will have to be July or any month during the dry season. 

Pro Tip: Most tourists often head to Masai Mara during the dry season to witness the great migration. So you’ll have all of Tsavo and its attractions to yourself. 

Best Times Of The Year To Visit Taita Taveta For Every Traveler

Budget Travelers: What is the Cheapest Time to Visit Taita Taveta?

As budget travelers, we quickly book hotels and activities in Taita Taveta during the cheapest time. The cheapest time is usually around mid-January to April.  

Outdoor Enthusiasts

If you are an outdoor enthusiast looking for fun in Taita Taveta, you should limit your travel time to the dry season. 

The wet season might be great for enjoying the green vistas, but you might only be able to explore some of the spots in the county.

Party Animals 

Dry season is your best time to get down in Taita Taveta. Although most counties don’t have clubs or pubs, you can’t miss the epic time in Voi County. 

Where Is The Best Place To Stay In Taita Taveta


Wundanyi is a fantastic destination for nature enthusiasts and adventure lovers. If you love hiking and long walks, you should visit Wundanyi. 

It’s also an excellent place for someone looking to detach from the hustle and bustle of life.


If you want a proper hike not too far from civilization, you should visit Mwatate. 


Visiting Voi is the best experience if you want to tick off different exciting activities in Taita Taveta. 


One of the most popular tourist destinations in Taita is Taveta. Taveta is popular for Lake Jipe, Lake Chaka, Tsavo Game Parks, and Mt. Kilimanjaro, to mention a few.

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