March 5, 2024

History repeats itself. So why not take a trip to Taita Taveta to learn what the tourist attractions can teach us about where our rich culture was formed? 

Tourists often opt for a safari whenever they travel to East Africa, but there is more to Kenya than epic beaches, national parks, and safaris to cross off your itineraries. 

From historical monuments to thriving biodiversity, this East African County is one of the best places for history buffs and adventure seekers.  

Mingle with the locals or traverse the most breathtaking landscapes; the seven spots for history buffs in Taita Taveta will give you a renewed sense of purpose in this guidebook.

  1. Kenyatta Caves

Can you imagine walking so close to history that you almost become it?

That’s the effect of the Kenyatta Caves. The funny part is that they are not covered as much as other iconic landmarks, but they are a true testament to what our freedom fighters endured. 

Located in Mbale village in the Taita Taveta Wundanyi region, you’ll have a fantastic experience reliving every moment of the Kapenguria Six in these lands. 

2.  Voi Commonwealth War Graves

Must See Monument in Taita Taveta

First of all, why Voi? 

The town has the most important archeological sites commemorating the 1916 World War. Whether you are seeking adventure or researching the events from a century ago, you will get ample illustrations of what occurred during World War 1 between the British and the Germans. 

On top of that, Voi Town was a hospital center in 1916. It was an accessible location to bury over 100 people in the sub-saharan country during the war, making it a top UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Entirely 137 Commonwealth burials of World War 1 have been held at this site. 

3. Maktau Railway Station

In the Mwatate division in Taita Taveta, Maktau railway station was a resting point for early settlers who wanted to explore Kenya’s interior. You should add to one of the things to see when visiting Voi. 

The entire area was a base of the Anglo-German war. Being the only military line, the railway station provided a passage for Commonwealth forces during the First World War. 

The history of this station runs more profound and longer than gauges, from wars to survivors to natives. It would be an injustice to the lives lost and affected to fit all its history in one paragraph. So, how about booking a guided tour with Digital Nomads Kenya for an all-rounded experience of Taita Taveta’s history?

4.  Tsavo West National Park

Elephants in the Tsavo National Park

Although established in 1946, Tsavo West National Park became famous in 1960, and it’s one of the best places to travel in the world. 

Its unique wildlife has attracted people from all corners of the earth. But it was not always fun and games in the “Wild Wild West.” 

During the construction of the Kenyan- Uganda railway line, there were several people who lost their lives in the park. Man-eating lions claimed the lives of the Indians and Africans who contributed to bringing the gauge to life. 

So you’ll always hear Tsavo West is called the land of Man-Eaters, Lava Sprigs, or Magical Sunsets.

While there, don’t forget to visit the archeological sites in the Galana River. Truly remarkable!

5. Taita Hill Resort & Spa

Relics in Taita Hills Resort

If someone else is the one to go on the ground to learn about Kenyan history, how about staying where history is brought to you?

Taita Hills Resort & Spa goes further when providing its guests with a luxurious stay. 

You can enjoy your glass of juice while reading about the backstory of the wars without leaving the premises. 

Right from the entrance of Taita Hills Resort & Spa, you’ll be greeted by an array of displays depicting how history played out in Taita Taveta from 1914 to 1918 and 1939 to 1945.

6. Grogan Castle

Ewart Scott Grogan built the castle to be an Agricultural college in Taita Taveta county. 

But before we delve into that, the hopeless romantic is known. To take a two-and-a-half-year odyssey from Capetown to Cairo to prove his love for Gertrude Edith Watt. He does this to show that he isn’t the gold digger that her father believed him to be. 

Successfully, the young 24-year-old won the heart and hand of his beloved and moved her to beautiful Kenya. They were genuinely giving Romeo and Juliet a run for their money. 

Back to the story, other whites didn’t fancy his idea of building a college to spearhead farming in the area; they particularly detested his idea of a modernized irrigation system, if you catch our drift. Regardless, he did it anyway. 

Make sure you check out his original and preserved bed; who knows? You might just relive chivalry at its finest.

7. Salaita Hills

We should cover more on how Taita Taveta plays an impactful role in the history of Kenya. 

So Salaita Hills is located in Taveta County and borders Tanzania and Kenya. 

The name of the “mound” comes from February 1916, when several Brits were slaughtered. I’m sure you already know how heated the war was back in the day. 

Salaita was a perfect off-the-beaten path for Germans to spy on the Brits by monitoring any movement on the gauge. This, of course, was frowned upon by our colonizers. So, a battle ensued to keep the Germans away from the hill. 

Ultimately, the Germans won after slaughtering 172 Brits. 

Go Down Memory Lane With Digital Nomads Kenya

For history buffs in Taita Taveta

If you are a history buff, you already know where to go to get a good story about Brits and Germans. Taita Taveta County played an intricate role in creating our beautiful country, Kenya, and it’s only fitting we explore all the landmarks our forefathers left. 

Email us at digitalnomadskenya0@gmail for a worthwhile expedition around the beautiful county 006, Taita Taveta.

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